Over 1 million tons of fabric is thrown into dustbins every year in the UK? That equates to 900,000 million items of clothing according to TRAID (fashion recycling charity) and figures are growing!


With such huge amounts of textiles being discarded in the UK every year we decided it was time to do something to reuse some of it. I'd noticed that most of the party bunting was made from new materials including plastics and the thought of adding more synthetics to the environment just doesn't appeal, so I thought it would be great to use up unwanted textiles. I've been lucky enough to have travelled all over the world in the past and many communities that I’ve visited reuse textiles out of necessity. In contrast, through lives of comparative luxury, Westerners have created a problem with waste. I’ve always been into rejuvenating items rather than throwing them into the rubbish bin. Chopping up old clothing to create some other useful item is in my genes. Look at www.greenwishes.co.uk to see more about our eco-friendly products.


EcoBunting can be used for all sorts of occasions. Birthday, wedding, anniversary, leaving or Christmas parties as well as street parties, corporate events, or just for brightening up your garden in the summer. Also a favourite for children's bedrooms....have their name on bunting of their favourite colour. Our bunting is made from either waste textiles, recycled cards or paper. All the bunting is made in Oxfordshire. We have done orders of bunting for all sorts of green organisations including Greenpeace to decorate their flagship the Rainbow Warrior and Greenpeace/Oxfam and Wateraid for Glastonbury festival. To see to our current range of EcoBunting, please look at greenwishes.co.uk

EcoBunting can all be purchased from: Greenwishes, or by contacting us on sue@greenwishes.co.uk. Most EcoBunting needs to be made to order so that you can select the colours you require, but this can usually be done and posted to you within a couple of days.

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