Colourful waste ripstop nylon bunting

  • Made from waste ripstop nylon

  • 5m lengths (can be made to whatever length you require)

  • Choose from a selection of colours (can vary depending on what we have)

  • Red, pink, light green, pale blue, mid blue, dark blue, orange, brown, yellow, black, purple, white, matt silver

  • 15 flags per 5m length of bunting

  • £7.50 per 5m

  • Each flag is 22cm across top and 25cm tall

Upcycled fabric bunting - double sided

  • Unwanted fabrics made into colourful bunting

  • 5m (or any length that you require)

  • Variety of fabrics depending on what has been sourced - just enquire

  • Double sided

  • Each flag is 22cm across top x 25cm tall

  • 15 flags per 5m

  • £10 per 5m

  • We also do a single sided option for those who want to spend less

Upcycled fabric bunting - single sided

  • A selection of unwanted fabrics upcycled into bunting

  • Single sided, but hemmed

  • Also available as shabby chic (edges not hemmed)

  • Mainly made to order, but see further products for any ready made

  • Contact us to see what designs are available at the moment

  • You choose the length & fabrics
    Each flag is 22cm across top x 25cm tall

  • 15 flags per 5m bunting

  • £8 per 5m

Petite rose card bunting

  • Ready made 5m paper bunting with 15 flags

  • Petite rose design

  • Attached to twine

  • Each flag is 18cm across top, 20cm tall

  • £6.50 per 5m

  • Perfect for indoor decoration, parties and events

Blue/cream fabric bunting

  • Ready made blue/cream double sided fabric bunting

  • Ideal for boys parties

  • Use indoors or outside - just hang out to dry if it gets wet!

  • Each flag is  14cm x 21cm tall

  • 3.15m in length

  • £7.50

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